Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Labs Statistics

 In one Add. Math lesson we went to the lab to measure our body parts and found the average of people in our class. We worked in groups. My group had : Bill, P, New, Nod and Me! We finished at the last minute and the results were pretty interesting. I was one of the shortest but also one of the youngest. The results are in the picture below. 

1. Who are the tallest people? Why?
Answer :  Bill is the the tallest with a height of 170 centimetres, he claims it is because he drinks a lot of milk.

2. What is the relationship between hand width and height?
Answer : The relationship observed from the data can be stated that the hand width is usually 1/8 of the height. 

3. Who has the largest width of arms? Do they play sports?
Bill has the largest width of arms with a length of 170 cm which is the same as his height. And that matches the Vitruvian Man theory by Leonardo Da Vinci which says that the width of the arms will probably the same as the height. He plays sports.

4. Is the eyebrow width related to the hair length? Why or Why not?
No because it doesn't matter. As our width of eyebrows does not necessarily have to affect our hair length.  

5. Is the length of your pinky related to your grade in class?
No, because our body parts do not affect our knowledge of understanding in class or exams.

Note : Access to the full spreadsheet is here

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